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How is the maintenance going?

Since March, 10 2017 we started big maintenance, only scheduled maintenance downtime occurred due to maintenance on some of the¬†websites, customers had no or little inconvenience.¬†When a website is under maintenance we provide a notice and an estimated time we will be busy doing maintenance. Mainly because we are working on a new responsive web […]

Big Maintenance is now regular maintanance

As in the previous post we communicated that we were doing big maintenance, we indeed have migrated some websites to another Cloud Environment based on Openstack technology. We are currently testing the performance and are reorganizing the websites and making them responsive with a SSL certificate. The maintenance is ongoing and will take a couple […]

Big Maintenance

We will be performing big maintenance on several websites the coming days. You might see a warning that we are performing maintenance on several websites. If you experience any problems or are locked out of the website you are visiting or using please let us know by submitting a ticket. The maintenance will start with […]