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Online customer support services.

We provide efficient support ticket hosting and helpdesk solutions for our customers. We handle support requests for our customers worldwide and provide service desk solutions and remote administration of servers, networks, workplaces and websites. For the moment we still use as it is still working fine on a separate cloud environment for redundancy and still be reachable if our servers are down or if we experience issues. Get in touch!

Check out our Services and Solutions to see what we do. Our core services are taking care of international customer support and maintenance of websites for our self and our customers.

More information & Solutions

We offer a wide variety of hosting solutions for Websites, Virtual Private Servers, Applications, including (WordPress) Cloud hosting. We have our own servers in data centers around the world and we partner with quality hosting providers to ensure that you can get your site up and running as fast as possible, safe and secure and with a host that we know will provide you with amazing customer service.

We now offer G Suite by Google Cloud, Get Gmail, Docs, Drive & Calendar for business. Contact us for for discounts, consultancy, training, implementation & technical support for Google Cloud products. Why G Suite?