Services & Solutions

We do technical website administration, hosting & support for a number of sites & applications. We offer (critical) cloud hosting & services. We offer a smooth transition to the cloud and technical support. here is a list of websites we administer, just to let you know it is legitimate. More information about who we are and what we do like website audits, security and optimization can be found here, we also provide technical support and consultancy. Let’s get started

G Suite Deployment & Support

We provide concepts, steps, and best practices for your G Suite deployment. We guide and provide checklists to transition your organization to G Suite. We give instructions to set up email, provision your user accounts, migrate data and sync with your LDAP server. IMAP, POP, LDAP, Exchange or Outlook. Additionally we provide Cloud Hosting for your domain, interactive training, remote administration, user and technical support. Why Gsuite?

We are professionals and we give you the freedom to work the way you want and you can use your G Suite account with your own domain from wherever you are and from whatever device, rather it is a Chrome, Android, Microsoft, Apple or IOS device.

Benefits of G Suite


You have a professional custom email address (you @


Documents can be accessed in the cloud with over 30GB of storage


You can work anywhere on any device


Try G Suite for free

No credit card or software download required.


Cloud Services

Cloud Hosting Services is an alternative to hosting websites on single servers or clustered hosting where websites are hosted on multiple servers. Cloud hosting uses a network of servers from different data centres in different locations. The features and benefits are: Reliability, Physical Security, Scalability & Flexibility, Responsive load balancing and Return on Investment (ROI) to reduce costs. Whether you are an individual, small business or enterprise organisation, everyone can benefit from Cloud Hosting Services. We use OpenStack for website Cloud Hosting as a Service and G Suite by Google Cloud for business processes and collaboration.

Technical Support

We give technical support to our clients and their users. We have an expert team and offer excellent user support to our clients. We can help you implement basic security to your website, G Suite support for your users and technical support not covered by Google. We mainly focus on in house services and technical support for our customers and their users. If you would like us to help you out then please contact us. Let’s get started