How is the maintenance going?

Since March, 10 2017 we started big maintenance, only scheduled maintenance downtime occurred due to maintenance on some of the websites, customers had no or little inconvenience. When a website is under maintenance we provide a notice and an estimated time we will be busy doing maintenance. Mainly because we are working on a new responsive web design, other kind of maintenance can be done on the fly (live on production) if the risk and impact is zero to low.

What have we done so far?

We have moved a dozen of websites to a new Cloud Environment based on OpenStack technology. We have applied responsive web design to most of the websites and there are more to follow. We implemented SSL security Certificates to most of our websites and did some web speed optimization. We currently are benchmarking our WAF (Website Application Firewall) Firewalls, and we are hardening the websites to make it more secure. The only risk and impact is that legitimate customers can be locked out by our security measures. We strongly recommend that if this happens the customer makes a support ticket by our Ticket Support Service still on, for redundancy as we host this support system on a totally different Cloud Environment to prevent lose of contact due to lessons learned in the past.

Internally we reorganized the websites and implemented new subscription plans to press release and article submission websites. Unfortunately we are not done yet, there is more to come, we will keep you updated via our website and inform customers by email if the website they are subscribed will undergo maintenance.

We had time consuming activities eliminating internal conflicts and server configurations, fortunately those activities take place on the background, you won’t notice a thing.

We are happy things are going as planned and no big issues where presented. We also worked on this website: and still will for now and the future.

What more is coming?

We are incredibly busy with this big maintenance project, and so much more to come. We give ongoing support to customers and are resolving predicted issues that occurred while and after maintenance. Our activities are limited to internal maintenance and customer support, we also do marketing, sales, search engine optimization and web speed optimization.

There are still a bunch of websites planned to move to a new cloud environment and will undergo the same routines as the previous websites. We will also update Hajhu,com  and move it to a new cloud server, and implement a SSL security certificate but this has no priority on the moment.

In short words, there are still three migrations and internal maintenance planned, we do this per phase as this is the most secure way to do big projects according to the PRINCE2 methodology.

What is the status?

The status is that we are close to finish phase one of four, we are using an organic dynamic method to achieve our end result, afterwards we will be doing after care and regular maintenance.

Thank you for your understanding and the inconvenience we cause to improve our services & network infrastructure.